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Paragard causing nausea?

Patient: I have a paragard IUD since october and have been feeling nauseous 24/7 ( mostly before and after i eat) I have gone to a doctor and took a pregnancy test which was negative, then a blood test which was negative but the hGC levels was 2.4 which he said could just be too soon to tell if i were pregnant. 3 weeks later i took another test today which was negative. I feel nauseous all the time, all day. I was spotting after sex yesterday. My breasts are VERY tender and i feel shortened of breath and occasionally dizzy.



Symptoms: Nausea, tender breasts, weight gain, dizzy, shortness of breath, spotting, headache, no energy, tired,

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I think that you should see a Doctor to get a USG done. The USG may find an ectopic preg nancy. The ectopic pregnancy can cause the symptoms that you are talking about.Please see a Doctor as soon as possible. You will need surgery to remove the ectopic pregnancy. Hope this helps you.All the best.


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