Paralysis of Face While having Intercourse

Patient: Hi i am a 18 year old female and i have recently experienced a paralysis of mt face while having intercourse. I started feeling a tingly feeling all over my fae and then from under my nose to my chin it felt stiff. I was so frightened after a couple min. it went away. What was happening? Why? How can i get it to stop if it happens again ?

Symptoms: Paralysis of face, tingly sensation on face

Doctor: Facial paralysis is loss of facial movement because of nerve damage. Your facial muscles droop or become weak. It usuall y happens on just one side of the face and is typically caused by an infection or inflammation of the facial nerve, head trauma, head or neck tumor or stroke. Facial paralysis can come on suddenly (in the case of Bell’s palsy, for example) or can happen gradually over a period of months (in the case of a head or neck tumor). Depending on the cause, the paralysis might last a short or extended period of time.Be sure to discuss all your symptoms with your doctor, and share information about any other conditions or illnesses you may have. Your doctor may also ask you to try to move your facial muscles by lifting your eyebrow, closing your eye, smiling, and frowning. Tests such as electromyography (which checks the health of muscles and the nerves that control them), imaging scans, and blood tests can help your doctor learn why your face is paralyzed.