Paranoid or pregnant?

Patient: So I am on birth control (to treat acne) and have never had vaginal sex. Yet I am still paranoid that I am pregnant from getting fingered with my partner having cum on his hands. I’m not even sure if this happened. Do I have any reason to worry so much?


Symptoms: Upset stomach, occasional cramps

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Birth control pills when taken regularly from day 5 of the menstrual cycle to day 25 of the m enstrual cycle without missing they provide contraception of up to almost 90%. It is always not necessary to have vaginal sex in order for a conception to occur. If the viable spermatozoa (semen) reach the female genital tract through vagina, cervix etc with fingering having semen on hand could also lead to a pregnancy if the contraceptives are not taken regularly. Even using a syringe without the needle could be used to inseminate the woman which could lead to a pregnancy this procedures are called as IUI or IVI of done around ovulation time of the woman.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

Dr. Suneel Sharman completed his residency in Family Medicine at the University of Toronto. He currently operates Infinity Health Centre, a walk-in-clinic in downtown Toronto.

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