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Parasites or something else?

Patient: I had my baby on February 13th. I was feeling fine before, then later that day I ate some hospital food. I ate some turkey and gravy, stuffing, salad that seemed to have been left out a while cause it didn’t look good nor taste good it wasn’t even warm. I was so starving that I ate it anyways. Later that day my tummy started cramping and getting really gassy. The following morning I felt really nauseated and abdominal cramp. I pooped three times that day and started feeling bad. After I left the hospital I have been sick since then. My whole body aches feels like the flu aches in my muscles and joints, nausea, abdominal cramps, gas, weird stuff in stool, really stinky stool, no appetite, my stomach rarely growls for food. It is now March 11th and I still feel like this. Does it sound like I picked up some kind of parasite?



Symptoms: nausea, loss of appetite, abdominal cramps, smelly stool, muscle aches



Doctor: Congratulations for your baby! You seem to be suffering from a gastrointestinal infection (bacterial not parasitic), as a result of consuming either contaminated food or water. Since its been almost a month now, you are advised to consult your doctor immediately. Certain blood tests along with a stool test would be conducted to ascertain the possible cause and an antibiotic therapy may be prescribed accordingly. If you are feeding your baby, pl. do not forget to mention it to your doctor (for choice of appropriate antibiotics). Wish you a happy motherhood!!

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Patient: I saw my OB three times and they checked my CBC, iron, thyroid, and for mono and all was normal. Well then I went to see a gastro dr and they did an ultrasound of my gallbladder,pancreas, liver and kidneys and all looked normal. They also checked my CBC and it was normal as well. They want to now do a HIDA test cause they seem to think gallbladder. Anytime I eat anything doesn’t matter what it is I feel so sick to my tummy and it’ll last for a while. I will also feel nauseated. I seriously feel miserable. I get hungry and then once I eat within a couple seconds I feel sick to my belly. I really don’t know what to do. My husband and I seem to try and do things naturally but Idk I keep going back and forth like oh it’ll get better to well what if it is something that needs to be treated. We can’t afford me to keep seeing the dr it costs $50 for our copay and I have already been three times…

Patient: Also in the third trimester I started experiencing loss of appetite some days, not everyday, but when I WOULD POOP IT WOULD SMELL REALLY BAD AND WOULD BE THINNER THAN NORMAL(IT’S NORMAL NOW EXCEPT THE SMELL) i FEEL SO HORRIBLE 🙁 i JUST WANT TO GET BETTER AND HAVE MY LIFE BACK!!!!


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