Hi, I had an abortion august 17, 2015 and took the second dosage(misoprostol) of the abortion pill the following day, august 18. I started using the birth control august 23 and had unprotected se...

I have a partial small bowel obstruction(originally caused by a baby with an interseception resulting in a ring of scar tissue. is there any way to desolve scar tissue so i can stop living on liquid

My girlfriend just tested positive on pregnancy the day before. The line on the tester was a blur one. She took the ultrasound for 2 times and there's not foetus. The doctor made her take the test ...

I used mifty kit one week ago because the pregnancy test was ppositive but even after one week of bleeding the pregnancy test is positive ?

Im taking medicines to have my periods and i end up in loose stools. will the medicines effect go away?

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