A lady tried with abortion with 12 pills at week 8, and she still pregnanet with her baby 14 weeks. what is the best way to abortion in home? with procuder

A lady pregnant of 8 weeks did an abortion (12 cyctotic pills). The result was alot of bleeding and pieces for one time then little amount drops for next 3 days. After 3 weeks she did pregnant test...

I had unprotected sex 21 days ago and the woman is pregnant, we both agreed we want abortion. What can we do? The country we live in abortion is illegal is there a pill we may buy!

I had a medical abortion on 6/16. The Sunday following that I started chateal as a form of birth control . For the most part I took it regularly around 3pm everyday , some days were delayed but nev...

My girlfriend had two children in her late twenties. Her second child required an emergency c section. She is now 39. She had an abortion scraping of the uterus a little over a month ago. Although ...

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