We are adopting a child and have discovered that the birth mother is a heavy smoker. She is 2/3 through pregnancy. We would like a clear picture of what the baby has been exposed to. Given we can n...

How to lactate without pregancy i really dont want to be pregnant but i always wanted to make my own milk for like soap ice cream cerael and many more reasons but i dont know what to do i never her...

I have pain in my tailbone. It doesn't hurt to sit on it unless the surface of what i am sitting on is hard. I can do an ab workout but there is definite pain when doing so. I had looked into it an...

I have been having diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting for 3 days. I had pork that might not have been good. I need help.

Last year I noticed behind my right ear is a large lump..It feels like bone and I have no pain..Went for ct scan and it didn't show anything wrong..Could it just be my skull?

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