Baby Milestones

My son who is 5 months old has developed a diaper rash since last week. We started keeping him off diaper at least for 1/3rd time along the day. It still hasn't reduced. Can you please suggest a tr...

My maid misunderstood and have been feeding my baby 1.5 spoon instead of 2.3 spoon for 2 months. Is there any negative impact ?
EDIT: Dear Doctor thanks for answering. I've kept a re...

Hi doctor my brother in now 8 years old & he is so week & diet also. he can't take a diet properly & he cant speak well so could you pls help me............many thanks.......

My son is one year old and he do not eats properly ? what should i do for it?

Hello, I want to reassure myself about my baby's head size, at 1st month it was 36 cm, 2nd month- 38 cm, 3d month -39 cm, now at 4th month the head circumference is 41 cm, is there anything disturb...

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