Baby Milestones

Self confused about the painless Pentaxim Vaccine should be administered or the painful old vaccine as read online that Pentaxim provides less immunity against Pertussis? Kindly guide.

My son who is 5 months old has developed a diaper rash since last week. We started keeping him off diaper at least for 1/3rd time along the day. It still hasn't reduced. Can you please suggest a tr...

My maid misunderstood and have been feeding my baby 1.5 spoon instead of 2.3 spoon for 2 months. Is there any negative impact ?
EDIT: Dear Doctor thanks for answering. I've kept a re...

Hi doctor my brother in now 8 years old & he is so week & diet also. he can't take a diet properly & he cant speak well so could you pls help me............many thanks.......

My son is one year old and he do not eats properly ? what should i do for it?

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