Baby Teething

My tonge has a build up on it. I brush it wjen brushing my teeth but it comes bavk

Baby 2 mths and 3 weeks. drooling badly, biting teat & teething toys. Drinking and peeing well. Put teething gel to sooth gums in order to feed.

My daughter is 9 months old and she is suffering from Fever and Loose motions. She had 102 fever yesterday but today she had frequently motions. Please suggest me the way forward. And please let me...

My 15 month old son is cutting a molar. He has had a fever for 2 days. I just checked it, it was 103. He has vomited twice today. Will not eat anything. He has a constant cough. He has not had a we...

My 11 month old son only has one kidney, we have been using Tylenol when absolutely needed for teething, but I have heard Advil works better! I have also heard that Advil can be bad for kidney func...

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