Birth Control

I have taken an i-pill on 31st October, my periods was due on 18 but I got it on 7th. But the bleeding is very low with just few spots of blood. Is it normal or is there any problem.

I hVe taken two extra days worth of levlen ed for birth control by mistake and just wanted to no if i should wait two days amd use other means of protection in the meantime or just comtinue with th...

I'm taking Ashlyna for birth control. I'm reaching the end of my pack, this week is my scheduled period and I just have the yellow pills left. It's my understanding that I'm supposed to take the ye...

Hi. I am currently taking ortho tri cyclen birth control. I am worried because I've have been have nipple discharge, clear fluid, sometimes from one breast. Is this from my birth control or heighte...

Shortly after giving birth, I have noticed a small dark purplish small bump on my labia.

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