Hiya, my nipples really hurt and it seems like I have a small purple spot on the bottom of my nipple, I was worried hopefully everything is fine bu I just wanted to make sure. I also have a lot of ...

I just to know hight risk intubation for child 2 month after 5 day...this about my son..please

I am wanting to drink this detox tea and on the back it says to consult a doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. I am currently breastfeed a 7 month old and wanted to know if it was safe? The...

My breast are small and didn't grow during pregnancy. They did engorged but one I has alwsay been smaller than the other one . I stop breastfeeding what can I do to make them even? Can I get hormon...

Hi this never happens to me because I never drink but I had two shots And two hours later accidentally breast fed my 14lbs 3 month old. Will she be ok, what should I do?

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