Formula Feeding

1) I had my daughter November 19, 2015 and I've noticed when I wake up in the morning my stomach feels really lumpy when I'm laying down (like inside my abdomen, not the skin) What could this be? 2...

My son is 5 days old.i feed my newborn similac ready to go..which i open 4 hr ago. what will happen now?

Hi ‚ how are you ? i hope you are fine ! i really want your help ! i want to lose weight ‚ i have this year some exams , one of them is a sport test , i really want to succed in it but ...

Okay I asked my sister in law if she could pick up my 7 week olds formula his dr. had prescribed him, I sent her a picture of the one it was and she accidentally got me the toddler one. The contain...

Hi I'm late by 3 days with my period i had my tubes June of 2006 this is my first time late ever could i be pregnant again

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