I stepped on a rusty horseshoe nail today I had a tetnis shot about 4 years ago should I go get another one the nail didn't go in deep as soon as I felt it break the skin I lifted my foot.

Hi! I'm writing you in order to decide whether I should have a rabies shot done or not. I'm in the Philippines on a vacation and last night an open wound that I have on my leg (not a big one, it's...

I got a gash above my hip, and in the hospital they gave me a lidocain shot so they can clean it out. But it's been over a week now and the area is still a bit numb. Is that normal? Or is there som...

Why do you have to wait 14 days after receiving a Hepatitis B shot before you can donate plasma?

I got unknown allergy recently, I feel itchy on my upper body, rash on arms. I also feel too hot on my face and ears. My question is can allergy also cause arthroncus and Lymph swelling? Will it be...

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