As long as when I produce semen when I masturbate that means I can have kids. Correct?

Would like to get a professional's advice on my blood work results. I'm mainly looking to find out if anything on here can indicate infertility (the FSH and LH test portion), or difficulty in losin...

I had an IVF cycle. After one week of egg transfer i was given a 500 iu hcg injection and one week after that is the beta hcg test. i just wanted to know will the 500 iu be out of my system by then...

I had surgery almost a year ago to remove 2 tennis-ball sized cysts on one ovary and 2 endometriomas (sp?) inside the other ovary. During this procedure, my surgeon had to remove one of my fallopia...

After being off Depo Vera for 14 months I still can't get pregnant. I have had periods for a full year

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