Spotting during second pack of pills taken without a break but going on holiday next week, i am usually due on at this time. Will the breakthrough bleeding have gone by my holiday next week?or will...

Good day! Can you please tell me if Norethisterone is available via prescription in Canada (Toronto)? I'm a 41 year old female who works in a remote location of Northern Ontario. I will only b...

I am taking a low dosage birth control pill. I take it without taking the placebo at the end of three weeks. The first month it was fine, but now that I am going onto my third month I have started...

I have been on my menstrual cycle for 12 days now and it is becoming heavier than normal. Is there anything that it could be

My period came as it normally does and on the second day I noticed blood in my stool. I've never had this before. What could it be?

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