Missed Period

My periods was may 4 2015 and it done may 8 2015 and now I am 5 days late do that mean that I am pregnant

I have not had my period for over three months. I don't know what the problem is

Last month I had a very strange period. It came anywhere from 5-7 days early (I am a 32-34 day cycle) and it was very light- so much so that I only noticed it when I wiped. It lasted about 3 days a...

It might not be all that important but I guess i'm just curious. i'm experiencing bad cramps but i'm not on my period and i should have had it on the 6th. I'm not so concerned with because sometime...

I was sexually active with a past boyfriend and we did not use protection a couple of times. ( I know bad mistake). I was late on my period last month and this month as well. Last months period was...

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