Missed Period

How can I come of my period for a few hours or a whole 24 hours?


Was on birth control for not getting my period the pill stop working how can I bring on my period is there something over the counter I can take I took pregnacy test and know I'm not pregnant this ...


I didn't have my period yet and the last time I had it , it was on January 11 or 12 and ended on the 17 and it's febuary 20 and i still don't get it , but I had sex 2 days ago Though


I have been about a week late on my period and I have regular periods never missed one or have been late. My boyfriend I have had un protected sex for the past few weekends. I was late but out of n...


Me and my girlfriend had sex the 19 of January and she started her period the 15 of January and it's been a month and she still hasn't had her period yet does that mean she's pregnant?

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