Ovulation Calendar

I have brown discharge 10 days after period but clear blue ovulation isn't indicating peak fertility. Could the discharge be pre ovulation bleeding? Or could the test be wrong? Thank you.

Should ovulation pain last for 5 days?

My gf period stopped halfway through bleeding what could that mean.
EDIT: She is 20 and is taking monessa and her period started on Thursday

Hello doctor, I am a 21 years old lady, I had my period last month on the 21th and it ended on the 26th. However, on the first of June I started bleeding (4 days) it was not a lot but I am a bit wo...

I had unprotected sex with guy 1 on January 14 around that time but he doesn't come inside me ten my period comes on then I had unprotected sexwith guy 2 and he come inside me around feb 7 8 or 9 t...

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