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Should ovulation pain last for 5 days?

My gf period stopped halfway through bleeding what could that mean.
EDIT: She is 20 and is taking monessa and her period started on Thursday

Hello doctor, I am a 21 years old lady, I had my period last month on the 21th and it ended on the 26th. However, on the first of June I started bleeding (4 days) it was not a lot but I am a bit wo...

I had unprotected sex with guy 1 on January 14 around that time but he doesn't come inside me ten my period comes on then I had unprotected sexwith guy 2 and he come inside me around feb 7 8 or 9 t...

I had the marina iud for 3 yrs I got it out last year I been a yr and 2 months trying To get pregnant I had sex 2 days ago n sex last night I ovulate today and how soon after ovulate can I t...

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