My lower stomachs has been in a dull pain for about a week but my period isn't due until next Sunday? My left ovary is in constant pain and my belly button is pulsing, I don't know what to do and n...

After sex I went to the toilet and noticed light pink blood as I wiped myself. I am not due on my period for another few weeks. The bleeding has eased off now and it was turning darker. The other d...

I have been off birth control for a year and for the last 3 months I've been having 2 periods a month is it normal

I'm a 22 year old female my periods usually comes every 28-32 days and lasts for 7 days last month i got my period 2 days earlier and only lasted for 4 days and this week i got my period 5 days ear...

I was diagnosis with PCOS been off birth control for over a year, my period has been going for a month and half should I go see my doctor.

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