I rubbed my penis over my girlfriend's vagina. I did not ejaculate. It was covered in pre-ejaculate though and I had urinated twice after last ejaculating. Is there any risk of a pregnancy?

Hi I'm a 17 year old female and two weeks ago I started taking the contraceptive pill. Unfortunately I wasn't informed by my doctor that you have to take them in a specific order by following the...

If I my girlfriend and I were grinding naked during ovulation or the day before and I had Precum on my finger and fingered her could she be pregnant. I never ejaculated and my penis never penetrate...

Had sex on day 14/15 of my cycle which is usually 27/28 days. We used a condom but it broke . He wasn't near ejaculation. I took a plan B the next morning. I'm worried about pregnancy.

I had a 3 day bleeding with cramps, which was different from my usual period, 27 days after having had unprotected sex. Is it possible that this is a late implantation bleeding or is it a mere peri...

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