Pregnancy Tests

My boyfriend and I were making out last night with clothes on. He ejaculated in the process but we had our clothes on. Is there any chance of pregnancy? Do sperms travel through fabric?

I am 45 and due to an accident my husband and I have not had sex for 5 years (so no contraception) but we tried for the first time last week.....a spur of the moment thing we have penetrative inter...

Can a woman get pregnant the day after period ends? what is the possibility of getting pregnant? Can fingering in vagina with ejaculated semen in the finger can cause pregnancy? if a woman has 30-3...

Hello, I am 10 days late for my period now. I tested on the 6th day and got a negative result. My periods are very regular, it is very rare that it is even a day or two late/early. Could it be a fa...

I had sexual intercourse wednesday june 10th. can i find out if im pregnant right now? online.

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