Pregnancy Tests

I have a full removal of the fallopian tubes for contraceptive purposes in May 2016. During that surgery, I also had the contraceptive arm implant (Nexplanon) removed. My periods in the months foll...

Would I be diagnosed with cholestasis. Total bilirubin is 0.3 mg/dL, AST=15 u/l, bile acid=13.2 umol/L. Im 36 weeks 2 days pregnant and have had a low risk pregnancy thus far

Our daughter is 26 weeks pregnant, the Dr. she went to (she is telling us) said that the baby is at a twelve week stage of development what does this mean?

I had my iud in for 3.5 yrs never had a period. Removed 12/12/16 never bleed still no period. Having pregnancy symptoms. Multiple negative home pregnancy test. Two question mark home pregnancy test...

Recent blood test..??? Should I be concerned? WBC-17.1 High Reference (4-11) Neutrophils-77.4 High Reference (36-66) Lymphocytes -15.9 Low Reference (24-44) I've also had a abnormal light...

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