Prenatal Testing

21 weeks pregnant,ultrasound scan done,everything is normal but bright spot found on heart (intradiac Echogenic) kindly confirm about this issue and details

Is there some kind of examination that can be done to see if a male has the "bell clapper deformity"? I know it increases the chances of testicular torsion. I figure that the testicles of...

Please don't publish this question. My wife had an ultrasound that placed her at 9 weeks 2 days pregnant (conception date around June 13th) . The problem with that ultrasound is that I was no...

Ok. So I stopped my period and the day after I had sex with my boyfriend and he came inside me.. But I missed 5 days of birth control before I had sex. I started bleeding after I had sex I bled for...

Is it safe that i am pregnant while taking dilantin as my maintenance for my seizure

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