Prenatal Testing

Is there some kind of examination that can be done to see if a male has the "bell clapper deformity"? I know it increases the chances of testicular torsion. I figure that the testicles of...

Please don't publish this question. My wife had an ultrasound that placed her at 9 weeks 2 days pregnant (conception date around June 13th) . The problem with that ultrasound is that I was no...

Ok. So I stopped my period and the day after I had sex with my boyfriend and he came inside me.. But I missed 5 days of birth control before I had sex. I started bleeding after I had sex I bled for...

Is it safe that i am pregnant while taking dilantin as my maintenance for my seizure

How much does the Rhlg shot costs? I'M -O and my husband is + AB. Do I have to wait for the 28 weeks to get the shot? I dont have a Ob doctor, i dont have money or insurance to pay for prenatal.

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