October 16, 2018

Parkinson’s disease: is there a cure?

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Patient: I am having parkinson’s disease.. Only my left arm is shaking.Now I am feeling that the disease is spreading to my left leg too.Some one told that we can cure the disease by exercising.I bought one spinning cycle for me.Will it work ?What else we should do to cure the disease ? I am not having any other problems like sugar,pressure,cholestrol etc

Doctor: Parkinson’s disease is a deterioration process of certain areas of the brain that affect involuntary movements, balance e and muscle control. The most common symptoms are: tremor (shaking or trembling) of the hands, arms, jaw and face that worsens under stress and improves during rest or sleep; stiffness of the trunk and limbs; slowness of movements and loss of balance and coordination. The average onset is about 60 years old, but it can begin in some cases at earlier ages. About 5%-10% of affected people have a genetic tendency with a positive family history, but there other causes like free radicals and certain drugs involved too. Diagnosis of Parkinson’s can be difficult, because there are no specific blood tests or studies available to make an accurate diagnosis. There is no cure for Parkinson’s, a lot of research is getting done to find a cure, but for now only exist medications to treat the symptoms. A good source to consult is The National Parkinson Foundation or The Parkinson’s disease Foundation (PDF); they say that the isolated human brain cells have the “most immediate potential therapeutic value” so far, talking about cells transplants. In the American Parkinson Disease Association Inc., you can find a list of the Centers for Advance Research nationwide from there you can contact them, ask for an evaluation. Also there’s a very complete worldwide list in parkinson.org of Centers of Excellence which are renowned for their outstanding performance in Parkinson’s research, comprehensive care delivery, professional education and patient outreach services.



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Guest: My question is how does and individual with Parkinson find funding for stemcell injections. This individual already has those who are interested in having cells removed from their spine.

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