Parkinson’s Disease or Essential Tremor?

Patient: What are the early symptoms of parkinson’s disease? I have developed a tremor which is limited to the left arm. I can turn it off by changing position of the arm or clenching my fist. It started 3 months ago two days after I added Amiodarone to my daily regimen of Lopressor and Flomax and Crestor. I have since discontinued Amiodoarone.

Doctor: Parkinson disease is a disabling, progressive condition that is predominantly thought of as a movement disorder that com monly affects middle-aged and elderly individuals. The tremor is the most common initial symptom, occurring in approximately 70% of patients. It is described by patients as shakiness or nervousness. It may differ considerably, showing up only with stress, anxiety, or fatigue or it may occur only when supporting weight with the affected limb, such as experiencing arm tremor when getting out of a low chair. But along with the tremor, Parkinson’s disease have other criteria to be diagnose as: slow movements, stiffness or rigidity, depression, slowness in thinking and speaking and a general feeling of weakness.According with your description what you are experiencing better correspond to an Essential Tremor which usually begins in one upper extremity and soon affects the other. Essential tremor rarely extends from the upper extremity to the ipsilateral leg. Tremor may be intermittent initially, emerging only during periods of emotional activation. Over time the tremor becomes persistent. A degree of voluntary control is typical, and the tremor may be suppressed by skilled manual tasks and during sleep.

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Guest: If I fall asleep and go over my scheduled meds I shake very hard and can’t breath regular, afraid to fall asleep