Parkinson’s Disease: resource centers

Patient: My husband has Parkinsons Disease. We are somewhat interest in him havng an adult stem cell transplant procedure. There is SO much out there on this subject. Do you have any advice on what is better to use….bone marrow stem cells or adipose stem cells? Do you know what clinics have more expert experience doing these? Imagine most are international. I read alot about this in my searching and wonder “who to believe”!!! THANKS so very much. Betty Zimbelman

Doctor: A good source to consult is The National Parkinson Foundation or The Parkinson’s disease Foundation (PDF); they say that at the isolated human brain cells have the “most immediate potential therapeutic value” so far. In the American Parkinson Disease Association Inc., you can find a list of the Centers for Advance Research nationwide from  there you can contact them, ask for an evaluation for your husband and decide where to go. Also there’s a very complete  worldwide list in of Centers of Excellence which are renowned for their outstanding performance in Parkinson’s research, comprehensive care delivery, professional education and patient outreach services.

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Guest: I was going to have a procedure to ease the effects of Parkinson’s symptoms, in another country. Do you know if some countries are more advanced in the treatment of PD?