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Partial small intestinal blockage

Patient: I have a partial small bowel obstruction(originally caused by a baby with an interseception resulting in a ring of scar tissue. is there any way to desolve scar tissue so i can stop living on liquid



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query, albeit short and specific.Read and understood your history.You have got a partial sma ll bowel obstruction due to a stricture as we call it – ring of scar tissue – due to intussusception.I can understand your intention to get the dissolution of the scar tissue so that you can stop living on liquid.This indicates that the obstruction is caused by solid food and looks to be of long duration.I also hope that Enteroclysis / barium studies have been performed.In spite of the advances in medical sciences, there are Medicine which can really help this situation.The only sure-shot treatment is the Surgical correction and this can solve the problem life-long.The success of the surgery depends upon the good pre-operative preparation of the bowel and your general condition.This includes a normal hemoglobin and serum proteins- particularly the albumin and correction of any deficiency of multivitamins and trace elements ( you get in the multivitamin preparations).I Hope this answers your query.I can understand this is a bit straight forward answer but the facts have to be accepted and the correction done As early as possible to avoid the symptoms and complications of stricture of the small intestine.Feel free to discuss further,Regards



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Patient: i expected ur answer. ive already had two life long fixes, and will not go under the knife again.. my experience is that it takes about 5 to6 days to lose consciousness.. 8 days, im dead.ah well.

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback. It appears that you had a bad experience in past.
It looks like there was some complication.
If the preparation is very good and the surgery is done properly under proper anesthesia, the consciousness is regained immediately. You start taking fluids on day three and are normal by day 5.
That is why the preparations are most important.

Patient: i was talking about what happens after the thing finally blocks, not about the operation. u doctors are better at preaching than reading.

Doctor: The things to happen once the thing gets finally blocked are:
( the thing you have never asked- please refer to your questions above).
– There is distension.
– Obstipation means inability to pass gases and feces.
– Vomiting.
– This can in most of the cases be relieved only by surgery .
Please feel free to ask relevant queries or if you feel that there is a gap of communication.
We as surgeons are busy in surgeries too and this was not an emergency hence a bit of delay and sorry for that.
Please refer to your queries above.


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