Passing slimy stuff out of my vagina when peeing and i am not on period

Patient: I have a problem. I’m passing a slimy substitute from my vagana when I pee. It started out white now it’s dark brown like dried blood. I have another week or so before my period. Should I be worried?

Symptoms: Passing slimy stuff out of my vagana when peeing and not on period

Doctor: Hello,You are experiencing normal vaginal discharge mixed with altered blood noticed while urination. This is common in most women in the third week of cycles, when such spotting or altered discharge may occur for few days. This is break through bleeding in the midcycle due to progesterone deficiency in the secretory phase of cycle , which is affected by the possible stress levels during the month and may cause progesterone imbalance leading to scanty bleed to spotting .I hope i have answered your query,wishing you good health, regards