Paternity Question. Please help!

Patient: I am currently 19 weeks pregnant. My last period was October 14-18 of 2011. My boyfriend and I had been trying to conceive since may of 2011 but then things went sour. We went on a break and I slept with a friend on November 4 and 7 2011. The first time I made him stop because I felt guilty so he never came. Clearly I got over the guilt and we had sex again on the 7th. Both times he wore a condom but I am freaking out over any accidents. Bare in mind my boyfriend came inside me every single time. My cycles were always 35 days long. I got my positive pregnancy test on November 12, just 8 days after the first time my friend and I had sex. I know the logical thing to do is a paternity test. But I’d like your opinion first. Is it more likely that my boyfriend or my friend is the father. The last time before our “break” that we had sex was October 30th. (my boyfriend and I)