Patient: I have PCOS, just recently in April 2014 my cycles finally became regular. So in May 2014 my husband and I tried to conceive. September 19, 2014 was the beginning of the last day of my period. I took so many test through October so worried I was pregnant. They all came back BFN! It’s now December and I’m still concerned and still waiting. I have all the symptoms. According to my app I would be 12 weeks. Any advice and help?

Symptoms: Fatigue, morning sickness, nausea, sore/tender breasts, bloating, strange food cravings, and headaches

Doctor: Hello,If you have already missed your periods for more than 54 days here , and still the pregnancy test if negative , then its confirm that you are not. oligomenorrhoea experienced here is probably due to PCOS itself which is common . The symptoms you are experiencing like tender breasts, fatigue, bloating headaches are most likely to be premenstrual syndrome , which may mimic early pregnancy and indicate future onset of menses. Now that you have not achieved your menstruation then you must visit your physician for an ultrasound pelvis to check for the endometrial thickness and also remote possibility of a uterine pregnancy. If thickness is more than 10mm and no pregnancy then you can opt for withdrawal bleed with progestins to resume your menses again.In PCOS, regularisation of menses is not the only treatment which is required for conception , but one needs to time the ovulation adequately and perform timed intercourse as well . You may visit your physician to discuss in detail and take an informed decision.I hope i have answered your query,wishing you good health,regards