PCOS & Trying to get conceive

Patient: Can progesterone hold my periods i did iui dis cycle and its been 19days no periods & 2 negative test.i am out dis time or i have to wait:(?

Symptoms: I have lower back pain on & off, n even right side abdominal pain at times

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Progesterones are given as a supportive measure to supplement as a hormone required to ma intain a pregnancy and reduce the chances of a miscarriage.. Since it has been 19 days since IUI and you have not got your cycles, there is a chance of pregnancy. Consider doing a beta Hcg test which will tell you more accurately about your pregnancy chances, till then continue all the supplements including progesterone.Do consider the test as an option after discussing with your doctor.Hope this helpedWish you all the luck for a successful conceptionRegards