PCOS and Menstrual irregularities

Patient: I have PCOS, I’m 21 years of age. I have the following symptoms. Sickness, fatigue, noses bleeds, emotions all over the place, absent period, sore lower back. However i have done 4 home pregnancy tests and my period is over 5days late. What is wrong with me?

Doctor: The symptoms you’ve mentioned may not necessarily be due to pregnancy but may be the result of the PCOS. PCOS may real t o menstrual irregularities including amenorrhea (absent periods). You may want to go back to your OB Gyne and ask about the PCOS, I think the PCOS should be treated; it may be the root cause of your amenorrhea. Some women with PCOS are started birth control pills to gain regular menstrual periods but ask a prescription from your OB and ask her opinion on what should be the best move in your case.