Pcos and pregnancy

Patient: Hello, I am 22 years old and I was recently diagnosed with PCOS. Since I started my period when I was 11, I’ve had irregular periods but since then I have had my hormone levels tested and they are always normal. When I was diagnosed 3 months ago they were normal as well. I have the hair growth but I was born very hairy and my mother also has had chin hair. I don’t have cysts on my ovaries, tho I did contract an std and got hpv 2 years ago but that has since cleared up. I’m afraid I’ll never have kids. Is it possible that I have been misdiagnosed? Also my periods are sometimes heavy but not too painful and always last 7 days. Also I have once had a period for two weeks. I don’t know if they diagnosed me because I didn’t have a period for 4 months once after I got the implanon removed or because of that and the hair growth. I really think the Implanon messed my cycle up even more because it was the worst thing that has happened to my body. I bled the whole 5 months I was on it and suffered side effects like light headed ness and nausea. Is my doctor right? Do I really have pcos and will I ever be able to conceive?