Pcos and trying to get pregnant

Patient: I was diagnosed with pcod when i was 18.Age 24(height 5’2” , weight 50 kg).5 years back I was having long menstrual bleedings for 6 months and i finally saw a doctor. she gave me some meds so the bleeding stopped.many time i took birthcontrols to regulate my periods.many time i was not on birthcontrols and i got irregular menses in long intervals.for last 1 year i was not on birthcontrols(irregular periods).I had my last periods on 23 oct 2011(without pills) lasting for 4-5 days with normal bleeding.I hadn’t had periods after that.Many are telling obesity is the reason for pcos.But I m not obese and have a femnine pear body shape.have no acne.my left ovary : 3.5 cmright ovary : 3.8 cm .both having pcos appearncei got married last month.i would like to get pregnant.can i achieve a natural pregnancy or should i intake medicines?will any specific diet helps?kindly help