PCOS, Faint line on pregnancy test. Should i visit gynae?

Patient: Hi There,I am 8 Days late on period and mine is irregular cycle with pcos . I did home pregnancy tests(around 6 of different brands) all of which showeda faint positive line within 5 minutes compared to the dark control line.. But when I went to gynaecologist on day 5 of missed period to test my pregnancy , she also did the same hpt cassette test but it showed a negative result ,not even a faint line appeared. Am I in early pregnancy and when can I goto gynaecologist again ?

Symptoms: Late period of 8 days, stomach pain

Doctor: Hello,If there is a discrepancy in the urine pregnancy kit results and you are a week beyond your due dates , then you can choose to opt for a blood serum beta hcg test which is more sensitive and specific than the urine pregnancy kit. It detects the level of hcg in the body even very low levels. So if the levels are found to be raised, as in more than 1 , then you are pregnant and vice versa.You may get this test done in a diagnostic lab in India and then depending on the results can schedule your visit to your gynecologist.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards