PCOS lean Trying to get pregnant Use of ovares tablets.

Patient: Hi, I just turned 27 and have been trying to conceive for over a year.I have been diagnosed with PCOS but I weigh only 50 KG.I have always been lean. My report says insulin-postprandial is on the higher side (98.2 mIU/mL) . All other hormonal levels were in the normal range. HSG test was conducted and everything is fine.From last August I am on glyciphage 850 mg. In december cycle, Clomid plus HCG shot was tried but with no results. Before that also I have tried two cycles of clomid but that was without glyciphage.My doctor from last October had prescribed me Ovares tablets (containing Dehydroepiandrosterone 25 mg) and she said it helps by commissioning good ovum for maturing. I have read that women with PCOS trying to conceive should not take DHEA supplements and therefore would like to have a second opinion on that. I am worried about taking medicine unnecessarily. Is it possible to get pregnant on glyciphage 850 mg alone if everything else is normal?

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Non obese women can also present with PCOS due to hormonal imb alance.According to studies available DHEA improves ovarian function, increases pregnancy chances in general.But usually it is not recommended in PCOS, as one of the feature of PCOS is androgen excess, which may become worse with intake of DHEA. Glyciphage contains metformin which is a insulin sensitizer and helps in decreasing insulin resistance in PCOS.So, possibly Glyciphage can help in in treating your PCOS.So, please discuss these things with your doctor and plan management accordingly.Take care.