PCOS, Pregnant, Might Miscarry

Patient: I got my first positive pregnancy test ever in 11 years of trying to conceive with PCOS just 2 weeks ago. I have irregular periods, so there is no way to know how far along I really am at this point, but I have been to two doctors already. The first started with an intravaginal ultrasound after which the tech, nurse practitioner, and doctor all told me a miscarriage was inevitable due to the fact that the baby measured 6 weeks with no visible heartbeat and the sac measured 7 weeks and 4 days. Their suggestion was to get a D&C the next day. Unable to accept this, I made an appointment the following morning at a different OBGYN. This ultrasound tech found a sac measuring 7w and 5 days but did not find the yolk sac or the embryo that was seen the day before. This ultrasound tech assured us that sometimes very early pregnancies do different things but that there is cause for concern. I also have a tilted cervix/uterus and am quite overweight though I do not know if or how these things affect the interpretation of an ultrasound. The nurse practitioner saw me and explained that this could possibly be an non-viable pregnancy and she wanted to run more tests over the next week. My hormone levels were checked and came back fine except low progesterone. They put me on the supplemental pill for that which I will begin taking tonight and return for more bloodwork in two days time. What I want to know, is there one ounce of hope for my baby, or am I destined to miscarry as the first OBGYN office stated with 100% certainty?Thank you for your medical opinion,Jennifer

Symptoms: Sore breasts, slight nausea, frequent urination, fatigue