PDP test and BCG vaccination in newborn.

Patient: Hi Doctor, We have recently moved from India to US, and when we took our one year old son to the hospital for doing the general check up and vaccination, the skin test was also done. We could observe his skin test to be positive with 10mm size. But the pedeatrician here suggested me to go for a chest x-ray, assuming that the skin test has shown a positive result due to the BCG vaccination that was given to him after his birth. Let me know if I can proceed with the chest x-ray or what are the possibilities that have shown the skin test to be posiitive. Please advice. I would also like to inform that my son has no cough, fever, night sweatness or loss of weight. Kindly advice if is it necessary for me to go for the chest x-ray. Thank you.

Doctor: I understand your concern about your child’s PPD test. Let me reassure you that 10mm of skin indurations does not necess ssarily means active TB and might be caused by his vaccination and/or exposure to the Bacillus back in India.Chest x rays are often suggested by doctors to rule out definitely an active infection and should not worry you, especially if signs or symptoms were not present. In my opinion, his reaction might have probably been caused by his vaccination. I wish you the best.