PE and Delay Cream

Patient: Hi doc.I had asked about the use of Delay Cream of Men.I got one answer but i am not satisfied.I think i could not describe my question properly.Actually i work in a remote area and leave there 14 days without wife. when i come back to home after 14 days, i feel a heavy desire of sex due to 14 days gape. But when i go to have sex with wife i feel very early discharge (may be due to 14 days gape or maximum sex desire).So, my partner may be not satisfied during my first sex after 14 days. I use delay cream for sex during first sex after 14 days to prolong my sex drive and to satisfy my partner.While i try to do sex without delay cream except my first sex.I want to ask that IF I USE DELAY CREAM REGULARLY (ONCE IN A WEEK OR TWICE IN A MONTH) THEN WILL ANY SIDE EFFECT HAPPEN IN MY SEX LIFE?IS IT HARMFULL FOR ME TO USE DELAY CREAM REGULARLY (As i have described)?