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Pelvic floor muscle throbs

Patient: Hi! I am an 18 year old girl and for a few years I’ve noticed something that I think is unusual. (I don’t know if this will affect the answer in any way, but I have never engaged in sex.) Whenever I feel tremendously pressured, or I do muscle toning exercises (especially with regard to the abdominals) for an extended period of time, my pelvic floor muscles throb and sort of become numb. This actually feels really good. For a few minutes afterward though it is usually hard to go to the bathroom. Can you explain this to me please?




Symptoms: Throbbing and numbness in pelvic floor muscles

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that you may be experiencing spasms of the pelvic floor muscles during your exercise. It is very important to stretch adequately prior to and after your work out routine to prevent this from occurring. If you notice that you are having increasing difficulty going to the bathroom, we recommend that you have your doctor examine you to rule out any serious pathology. Please be guided accordingly.Thank you for consulting


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