Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Patient: I have PCOS and have always had irregular and very painful periods. i also had an ovarian tumor removed and at the same time i was diagnosed and treated for chlamydia which caused PID. I was given IV antibiotics for 3 days then oral antibiotics for 2 weeks. at my 6 week check up it was all clear. My periods remained painful and irregular but i was in constant pain between periods. 12 months after the tumor i had a D and C to ‘clean up’ any endometriums. 6 weeks later i fell pregnant. i had a c section 10 weeks ago. Now my periods have returned again, and i am still suffering constant pain. it got so severe that i went to the ER where they told me there was nothing they could do for me and to stop wasting their time. Could this be recurring PID. i have had the same sex partenter the whole time and we are both clear of any STD’s. It is effecting our relationship and my mental health. Please help me, i can’t live like this. i am only 26. what should i do.