Pelvic pain with a light pink discharge

Patient: I’m 26, about three days ago I started having a light pink discharge when I used the bathroom. After intercourse a slight pain if I cough or move the wrong way suddenly. The pink discharge had a faint odor. Its been almost two weeks since my last period. I usually start around the 13th of the month. Just wondering if you might know why this is happening?

Symptoms: Light pink discharge after peeing, slight pain after sex in my pelvic area.

Doctor: Hello,this is possibly the ovulation bleed or the breakthrough bleeding due to progesterone imbalance in the mid of t he cycle . intercourse is Usually seen to cause imbalance in the hormonal status which may cause evident break through bleed . This is episodic and may not occur in the next cycle.Pain in the pelvic area may occur due to possible hard sex or deeper penetration which can subside in few days as well with rest. It is advised that you may observe for a week and if the symptoms persist then you may visit your physician for a local per speculum and bimanual examination for an opinion.I hope i have answered your query,wishing you good health,regards