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Penile discharge after squeezing

Patient: Hello, is it normal to get some sort of discharge after milking the penis? It is clear and is very small amount. Need to really squeeze it out to see it. Does not drip, etc…


Symptoms: Penile discharge after milking penis

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD.If you have been experiencing discharge from the penis after squeezing it with e ffort, then it is likely that there may be a possibility of gonorrhoea infection in the urethra. It is unlikely that there occurs any form of discharge even after milking the penis unless there is an infection especially in consideration is Gonorrhoea.Gonorrhoea presents with a pearly drop discharge seen at the tip of the penis on squeezing.It is suggested that you should visit your physician for a urethral swab culture to isolate the organism for definite diagnosis first and then it can be treated with a suitable antibiotic therapy if required.I hope I have addressed your concerns in detail.Wishing you good health,Regards,


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