Penile Discharge After Urination

Patient: Hello, today and just after I zipped I felt like it didn’t stop yet, so I got back but it wasn’t urine that came out, it was a sticky thick white semen-like fluid that smelled bad. I drink a lot of water so I urinate a lot. Urine smells bad sometimes but it’s clear most of the time. And I haven’t had a sexual intercourse for months. I’m very concerned about this, help please!

Doctor: I do understand your concern. Discharge from the penis could be due to urethritis. Urethritis may be caused by bacteria or viruses. Common bacteria like E. coli can cause urethritis, however it is advisable to get tested and rule out sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia and gonorrhea which can also lead to urethritis. You will probably need a longer course of antibiotics and will need to avoid sex or use condoms during sex. Penile discharge or urethritis is diagnosed a urethral swab or urine sample. The infecting organism might be identified from these samples. If a sexually transmitted infection is diagnosed, your partner may need treatment too.

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Guest: i also have similar problem, the doctor prescribed me some profloxin , stilpane … took treatment as told now my meds is finnished but the problem is still persist..