Penile Rash and Itch

Patient: It started as an itch at the tip of my penis. I later noticed a [few] red rash 1cm away from the head of the penis to the head of the penis. and it itches on contact. I have taken single dose fluconazole for three days and itching still persists. what could be the problem?

Symptoms: Itching, red rash on penis

Doctor: Thanks for your question.There could be a host of the causes -both sexual and non-sexual. Sexual causes could be due to genital herpes and chlamydia. Non-sexual causes may be due to dermatitis, candidiasis, scabies and even poor hygiene -due to deposition of smegma ‘ over prepuce of the penis.I understand you need a thorough physical exam from a dermatologist to have a proper diagnosis and treatmentHope it helps.