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Penile Yeast infection – Treatment options.

Patient: I am a male, age 18 i have yeast infection but how can i cure it, it feels like it has reached my urethra n even my prostate. i am very worried would love a response asap.



Doctor: Penile candidiasis is usually caused after sexual intercourse with an infected individual or if you have a low immunity. I would advise you to see your doctor for a physical examination and microscopic study of the discharge and culture to determine the causative agent. It is not advisable to start treatment on your own.Your doctor may prescribe antimycotics like topical clotrimazole, nystatin or ketokonazole. More severe cases may even require systemic anti-fungals. Single dose of oral fluconazole 150mg is shown to be 90% effective in treating penile yeast infection.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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