Penis curving upwards..very worrisome

Patient: I have a banana shaped penis curving upwards…im 14? its really worryisome..will i still be able to get a blowjob and engage in sexual activity?

Symptoms: Curving

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.You are just 14 years old and it is good to know that you are aware of what your problem is and what can happen in the future.It is important to know few more points:Or just started a few months or years back?You you diabetic?Any history of trauma?Well, this is called Peyronie’s disease and may no cause must of the problems in blow-job.Engaging in sexual activities will depend upon how much angulated or curved it is now and how the disease will progress, effects of medicines and / or surgery.I would advise you the following:First of all stop doing anything at home on your own.Consult your parents and go to the Urologist as He is the Doctor who is best trained in such diseases.Follow his advice religiously.Have a regular follow-up