Penis fully covered by foreskin

Patient: Hi!My penis is fully covered foreskin from my childhood. Now my age is 26+. My meatus or glans nothing is visible as my penis is fully covered by foreskin. In erection my penis is normal in size and straight but in flacid my penis is very small. During first of few sexual intercourse were of short duration because of quick semen fall. And also I have not enjoyed it as it does not given me a feeling of touch what I get in case of masturbation. During the last sexual intercourse my penis got uncovered and it became flacid without any fall of semen. So please tell me what is wrong with me and how it can be solved.

Doctor: Hi. Thank you for writing to Ask The Doctor.1. The fully covered foreskin on the penis which cannot be pulled back i s called ‘Phimosis’.2. The small size of the penis during flaccid state is normal.3. Initial experience during intercourse may not be satisfactory due to early ejaculation. It may settle down on its own or some may need treatment with drugs, CBT or sex education.Talk to you Doctor for treatment. All the best.