Penis irritation/burning

Patient: My husband of 12 years, penis burns after intercourse and he gets red dryspots. Weve been tested for STDs, yeast infections, etc. Everything has been cleared and this has just started over the last 6-7yrs. I’ve seen comments about the pH levels or him being allergic to vaginal fluids. Can you help? Is there something I should be doing or trying to make my ph levels better? He is currently using protopic (i think that’s what it’s called.) I don’t like condoms ­čÖü

Symptoms: Burning, red dry spots on penis

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that acidic vaginal secretions could be irritating the sensitive tissue you r husbands penis. To treat this, we recommend washing soon after intercourse, and applying a hypoallergenic lotion to the area to keep it moisturized. Furthermore, it may be possible that the irritation that he is experiencing could be age related as well. If your husband is 45 years or older it is possible that the natural decline of testosterone could also be causing dryness, sensitivity and irritation prone skin of the genital area. We recommend that he get his testosterone levels measured to determine if this is contributing to his problem. Furthermore, the use of water based lubricants can assist in creating a barrier against acidic vaginal secretions during intercourse.Thank you for choosing