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Perianal Abscess, Strep Throat, STDs

Patient: Hi, I had unprotected insertive vaginal and anal sex with a girl on the 1st of January, 2 days later i developed tonsillitis and was severely sick. I must mention i have gotten a few bouts of tonsillitis in the 6 months prior. I then developed an perianal abscess around the 27th of January which had to be surgically drained. I had blood tests (not sure what kind) during my stay at hospital and they never mentioned any problems. Do you think I got some sort of STD? i have not been sick since not even a cold or flu. Do you think the sex had anything to do with my perianal abscess?



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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There are many causes for the perianal abscess. The most common causes being diabetes, immunocompromised state, bacterial infections, poor hygiene and other systemic infections. An intercourse leading to an anaerobic infection can rarely complicate into a perianal abscess. It does not seem to be so in your case and you have also been negative for any std so far. Hence, the abscess is unrelated to the intercourse you had. However, unprotected anal intercourse could be a trigger factor.In case you are on steroids, for any cause, it can lower your immunity and lead to the abscess formation.Please rule out diabetes as well.Hope this helped.Feel free to write back for further clarification.Regards

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Patient: Ok, First when I had anal sex, I put my penis in her, I did NOT receive anal sex. So for me the get the perianal abscess with having INSERTIVE anal sex with her is there any LINK? I am NOT GAY.
I don’t have Diabetes

Doctor: Hello,
Thanks for the reply.
The bacteria can be transmitted either ways that is even if you are the person inserting it or at the receiving end. However, chancea are more in the recipient.

Patient: One last question, Developing the perianal abscess 28 days after sexual contact is too long for it to be a sexual transmission of bacteria?

Doctor: No, it cannot be considered too long as incubation period of bacteria can go upto 2 months and beyond. Regards


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