Perimenopausal or post menopausal bleeding?

Patient: I am a 57 year old female. In 2004 I thought I was going into menopause, but then my Mother died and I had what I thought was a period due to stress. Ever since then when I get stressed I have a period. The stress and the periods have gone from several days to spotting and now back to several days ( light flow). Is this “late menopause”? Is 57 too old to have a period or spotting? The periods includes mild cramps sometimes and warm liquids calm them down. Thank You

Doctor: It is difficult to say exactly what the bleeding and spotting is due to. You may be peri menopausal or may be experienci ng post menopausal bleeding. The time of onset of menopause differs in each woman and thus there is no such set limit for menopause. Typically the average age for menopause is 50-54 years.Please get this checked up by a physician in person as you will need to check your hormonal levels as well as do an ultasound of your uterus to see whats the cause of this bleeding. I wish you all the best.