Period 13 days late but all negative home pregnancy tests

Patient: HiI’m just wanted some idea – my period is 2 weeks overdue but I’ve only had negative home pregnancy tests. I came off birth control pills in August 2014, and apart from the first cycle (39 days) I have had regular 33-34 day cycles since then. This last cycle, day 1 was December 29 2014, I had a tiny bit of mid cycle spotting around ovulation for this last cycle on around Jan 14 but since then nothing. I had some mild cramps round the time period was due, but no sign of period. I have had a noticeable increase in cervical mucous but apart from that no obvious pregnancy signs.Thanks,

Symptoms: Late period

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There could be many causes for delayed cycles, other than a pregnancy. The causes could be polycystic ovaries, thyroid disorders, prolactin changes, anemia, too much of stress, physical exhaustion, insomnia, drug side effects, uterine infections or pelvic inflammatory diseases.You may have to consult a gynecologist for an examination and investigations like beta hCG test to rule out pregnancy, urine and blood tests and a hormonal profile. If negative for pregnancy, the doctor can put you on progesterone hormone supplements for 7 days to cause withdrawal bleeding and treat the cause of delayed cycles accordingly.Hope this helped.Regards